We are gathering for in-person Sunday morning services.  Service livestream will remain available for those continuing to observe stay-at-home practices (livestream link).  Please refer to our COVID-19 updates page for our latest news and updates.

Sundays @ GACAR | 10:00am coffee and fellowship | 10:30 worship service

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Please check this page regularly for important church event announcements as well as a listing other events and conferences open to our GBC Gainesville family.


COVID-19 pandemic and phased re-opening plans - November 2020 updates

We are continuing with in-person meetings for Sunday morning worship at GACAR with modifications that account for recommendations from the CDC and our local city, county, and state governing bodies.  Men's, women's, and youth studies have all resumed.  Please check our COVID-19 updates page regularly for updates and announcements regarding modifications to our plans and practices as our community continues to respond to COVID-19.


GBC Gainesville Winter Family Retreat - January 8-10, 2021

The first ever GBC Gainesville family retreat will take place Friday, January 8, through Sunday, January 10, 2021 at Lake Swan Camp.  We have invited Ray and Missy Mehringer from New Community Church in Wildwood, MO as our guest speakers for the weekend.  We look forward to our weekend time away as a church family and the opportunity to enjoy extended times of worship and fellowship together around the Word of God.  Please note that, in lieu of the retreat weekend, we will not hold our usual Sunday morning worship service at GACAR and our service livestream will not be available on Sunday, January 10th.


GBC Gainesville on BAND

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To better facilitate church-related communication and to provide a uniform platform to share announcement information and coordinate events across Android and Apple devices, we have started a GBC Gainesville "band" using the BAND app.  The app is available for free download (Android or Apple).  Joining our church's band is by invitation only.  As such, you will need to have received an invitation email with a link to join the GBC Gainesville band.  If you wish to join but have not received that email invite, please contact Angie Phillips or Catheney Chang.