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We all can struggle with knowing what to do in life. Some of our youth here struggle to understand what college to attend, whether to attend college, go into the military, or work in a trade. In life, it's okay to struggle to get on the right path, especially when you're young. Looking back on my life, I struggled to find the right direction. Yet each move was ordained by God, who guided our family. I'm sure if you look at your life, you can see many of the same things.

As we move forward, there will be continued pressure for Grace Bible Church to change with the times. This pressure originates from our surrounding culture, but there is more than a subtle push to change from within the church. On the one hand, we understand that change in the church is like the seasons. Our ministry is in a constant transition, with people coming and going. On the other hand, we know that not all change is biblical. Therefore, how are we to evaluate our current path and direction as a church? How are we to assess each ministry in the church? These questions underscore our need for a biblical Philosophy of Ministry (POM).