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Kingdom Meditations: Thoughts on increasing God’s Kingdom in your life


The coming kingdom reign of Christ should serve as motivation for our faithful service now as the church, and as each of us faces persecutions from Satan and the world...

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Kingdom of God Q&A: Question Three

Read the Introductory Post to this QA Series Romans 11 seems to speak of 3 separate groups of people: the remnant Israel, whom God had foreknew, the Gentiles, and the nation Israel. Is that correct? Does God make a distinction between the remnant and the nation Israel, or does God consider them one? What does Paul mean in Romans 11:26 (All Israel will be saved)? Paul wro...

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Kingdom of God Q&A: Question One

Read the Introductory Post to this QA Series In Ephesians 2:11-19, Paul says the following concerning the Gentiles who had professed Christ and were part of the church: Therefore, remember that formerly you, the Gentiles in the flesh, who are called "Uncircumcision" by the so-called "Circumcision," which is performed in the flesh by human handsremember that you were at t...

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Kingdom of God Q&A: Question Two

Read the Introductory Post to this QA Series Practically what differences are there, will there be, between a restored Israel and Gentile believers. Aren't both believers? Aren't both a part of The Church? What are the practical differences? Yes, both restored Israel and Gentiles who have trusted Jesus the Christ are believers. No one will enter the Kingdom of God withou...

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Sermon Excerpt: Fathers, Do Not Provoke Your Children to Anger


An excerpt on Pastor Brandon Phillips' sermon on Ephesians 6:4...

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Why do you preach so long?


Why are your sermons so long and complicated? Periodically, I receive this question from well-meaning brethren. Believe me, I take these inquiries to heart!...

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How to Provoke Your Children


Next to marriage, parenting is one of the most challenging tasks we can do. You’ve heard it said, “They don’t come with an owner’s manual!” Well, that’s not true. The Bible has much to say about parenting your child if we will only listen and obey it. What’s more impressive, scripture is incredibly brief in its prescription for great parenting....

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One Man’s Journey


Written here is the salvation story of a man I know very well. By God’s grace, he is still a devoted follower of Christ over 20 years later. He remains married to that pretty girl ...

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When Stu Became Sue


God created us as male and female, and while there are many similarities, we are biologically different....

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Losing Your Religion?


The promise of eternal life demonstrates that Jesus intends to fulfill His promise not to cast out anyone who truly comes to Him. Therefore, if we are true believers, our eternal security is firmly in the hands of the Father and the Son! No one can remove us from His eternal grip....

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