Grace Bible Church Gainesville has moved to 2115 NW 39th Ave. Gainesville, FL 32605.

Come worship with us Sundays at 10 AM.

Sundays at Grace | 10:00 AM coffee and fellowship | 10:30 AM worship service

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Genesis: The Battle from the Beginning

The Battle FROM the Beginning! Throughout history, people have observed the world around them and wondered how we came to exist. From the dawn of time, little boys and girls have innocently asked their mothers about the origin of babies. Young adventurous adults have discovered the world for themselves – a few have even found planets and galaxies of stars. Grizzled old men have argued their theories of origin as they play their games of choice in the town square. From the beginning, people have observed our confusing world and have decided how they think it came to be. Have you ever wondered why the answer isn’t apparent to all? Even today, scientists devote their lives to discovering the origins of life. Their search has taken them to the depths of space to find any clue of our beginnings, no matter how small or how far. Their journeys of discovery give us rich and fascinating insights into our world, yet most are as confused as they were tugging on their mother’s skirt. They have bought into the world’s greatest lie. This lie was the first shot in an ongoing cosmic battle for the souls of man, and it continues to be told to young and old today! Gather with us at Grace Bible Church this summer as we study Genesis 1-3 and discover the glory of the Creator and the extraordinary beauty of His creation! Join us, and you may become a soldier in this cosmic Battle FROM the Beginning!

March 13, 2022

Jesus Says: What About Me?!

Speaker: Lance Quinn Series: Guest Preachers Topic: The Gospel, Ministry and Service Passage: Luke 7:23, Luke 9:26, Luke 10:16, Luke 11:23, Luke 12:8–12:9, Luke 23:42, Luke 24:39–24:40

February 27, 2022

Jonah: A Big Fish Story? Part 1

Speaker: Brandon Phillips Series: Jonah: A Big Fish Story? Topic: Disobedience, God's mercy Passage: Matthew 12:38–12:45, Joel 2:1–3:21, Acts 9:32–10:33, Jonah 1:1–1:3

February 13, 2022

Love With Faith

Speaker: Brandon Phillips Series: Preparing for Battle Topic: The Church, Christian Living Passage: Ephesians 6:21–6:24

January 27, 2022

Freedom In Holiness

Speaker: Joel Baker Series: Freedom In Holiness Topic: Freedom, Holiness Passage: Galatians 5:13–5:15

January 22, 2022

God Is In Charge (Part 2)

Speaker: Series: God Is In Charge Topic: God's Sovereignty Passage: Ezekiel 26:1–26:14

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