September 8, 2019

God's Goodness In Affliction

Speaker: Philip Sanders Category: Suffering Scripture: Psalm 119:65–72

Sermon Outline

“Our good and gracious God skillfully but lovingly (cf. Heb 12:3-13) employs affliction and adversity, pressure and pain, trials and tribulations, as crucial instruments in His process of maturing those who belong to Him.”

In Psalm 119:65-72, the psalmist models 3 responses to affliction that highlight the goodness of God in our affliction.

1. Review the goodness of God in all your past affliction (65-67)
2. Rely on the goodness of God in the midst of your affliction (68-70)
3. Rejoice in the good benefits produced by God through your affliction (71-72)


Sunday Service Songs:

Praise To The Lord The Almighty (Sing The Wonders Hymn #38)
Magnificent Marvelous Matchless Love (CCLI # 7119246)
Beneath The Cross Of Jesus (#205)
Blessed Assurance (Public Domain, CCLI #2645094)
Great Is The Faithfulness (#66)