July 18, 2021

The Kingdom of God, Part II

Speaker: Brandon Phillips Series: The Kingdom of God

Sermon Outline

In this sermon, we will see five critical views of the Kingdom from the perspective of the Old Testament.

Critical View I
The Complete Failure of Man (Genesis 4-11) 

Critical View II
The Comprehensive Faithfulness of God (Gen 12-50) 

Critical View III
The Conclusive Faithlessness of a Nation (Exodus – 1 Samuel) 

Critical View IV
The Clear Foreshadow of Righteous Rule (2 Samuel) 

Critical View V
The Clarifying Faith of a New Covenant (Jeremiah 31:27-40)


"Part of the reason God’s kingdom has not yet come stems from fallen mankind’s consistent antagonism to God’s sovereign purpose for His own earthly kingdom." ~ Eugene Merrill

"An inductive study of the kingdom, based on sound hermeneutical principles, will show that the Lord’s plan for His kingdom dominates history from the first creation to the new creation. The Old Testament predicts a coming earthly kingdom, a kingdom that will be fulfilled someday through Jesus Christ, the second Adam, and the One who fulfills the covenants of Scripture" ~ Bill Barrick

Sunday Service Songs 

  • O Worship The King (33)
  • Praise To The Lord, The Almighty (38)
  • Wonderful, Merciful Savior (47)
  • Rock Of Ages (95)
  • My Worth Is Not In What I Own (226)

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