December 19, 2021

A Savior Is Born: The Humility of Christmas (part 1)

Speaker: Brandon Phillips Series: A Savior Is Born: The Humility of Christmas Category: Christmas Scripture: Luke 2:8–14

A Savior Is Born: The Humility of Christmas

Luke records seven humble yet heavenly circumstances surrounding the birth of our Messiah – Jesus. Luke presents:
  • The Humble Crowd (Luke 2:8)
  • The Heavenly Courier (Luke 2:9)
  • The Heavenly C (Light) (Luke 2:9)
  • The Humble Communication (Luke 2:10-11)
  • The Humble Circumstance (Luke 2:12)
  • The Heavenly Congregation (Luke 2:13)
  • The Heavenly Communication (Luke 2:14)
  • A Humble yet Heavenly Contemplation (Philippians 2:1-11)
"Jesus Christ is not merely a man. He’s not just a good teacher or a great prophet! He’s not merely god-like or a god among many gods! He is not the first created being or the highest class of angel. He is God Himself! God of very God! Before the world was, He was eternally existing in the very nature of God, in the very essence of God, and in the very glory of God!" ~ Mike Riccardi

"There are two advents of Christ: that which has been, and that which is to be. And the two are not for the same purpose; the first came to pass not that He might search into our actions, but that He might pardon; the object of the second will be not to pardon, but to judge." ~ John Chrysostom
Song selections:
Joy To The World (135)
Sing We The Song Of Emmanuel
Jesus, Thank You (148)
My Faith Has Found A Resting Place (99)
Christ, Our Hope In Life And Death