March 13, 2022

Jesus Says: What About Me?!

Speaker: Lance Quinn Series: Guest Preachers Category: The Gospel, Ministry and Service Scripture: Luke 7:23, Luke 9:26, Luke 10:16, Luke 11:23, Luke 12:8–9, Luke 23:42, Luke 24:39–40

Jesus Says:  What About Me?!

An amazing look from the Gospel of Luke at what Jesus the Christ says (and demands) regarding Himself and His message! 

I. Offended by Me!

Blessed are Those Who are Not Offended by Jesus Christ!

Luke 7:23 

II. Ashamed of Me!

Rescued are Those Who are Not Ashamed of Jesus Christ!

Luke 9:26 

III. Rejects Me!

Received are All Those Who Hear and Obey the Good News about Jesus Christ!

Luke 10:16 

IV. Against Me!

Committed are Those Who are Not Against Jesus Christ!

Luke 11:23 

V. Deny Me!

Acknowledged are All Those Who are Not Deniers of Jesus Christ!

Luke 12:8-9 

VI. You Will be With Me!

In Paradise are All Those Who Repent and Believe in Jesus Christ!

Luke 23:42 

VII. Touch Me!

Affirming the Truth of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ are All those Who ‘Spiritually See!’

Luke 24:39-40 

VIII. Everything Written About Me!

In the Preaching and in the Scriptures are All Those Declarations by and about Jesus Christ!

Luke 24:44 

Conclusion:  Where are you with regard to Jesus Christ?!

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