May 19, 2024

You’ve Heard It Said - Part VI

Speaker: Brandon Phillips Series: Matthew: The King and His Glory Category: Truth


In Matthew 5:33-37, Jesus teaches the fourth of six demanding truths that characterize the Kingdom way, which is the heart of OT law. Jesus teaches -

Thou Shalt Tell the Truth At All Times

  • ‌Jesus gives the letter of the command (Matt 5:33)
  • ‌Jesus gives the spirit of the command (Matt 5:34a)
  • ‌Jesus illustrates the seriousness of the command (Matt 5:34b-36)
  • ‌Jesus restates the spirit of the command (Matt 5:37)


  • Rejoice
  • Be Thou My Vision (208)
  • Come Praise and Glorify (2)
  • Speak O Lord (243)
  • Turn Your Eyes