June 2, 2024

A Walk Without Wavering

Speaker: Keith Kemp Series: A Walk Through The Psalms Category: Prayer Scripture: Psalm 26:1–12


When he is blamed for a crisis that has hit Israel, because of Yahweh’s character of faithful, loyal, love, David prays to Yahweh God to vindicate, examine, and redeem him.

Psalm 26

  • David prays for Yahweh to vindicate him. (v. 1)
  • David prays for Yahweh to examine him. (vv. 2-7)
  • David prays for Yahweh to redeem him. (vv. 8-12)


  • My Soul Will Wait (Psalm 62)
  • Jesus, Firm Foundation
  • Completely Known, Completely Loved
  • Yet Not I but through Christ in Me
  • Oh, the Deep Deep Love
  • Anchored


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