July 7, 2024

The Grave Danger of Religiosity - Part I

Speaker: Brandon Phillips Series: Matthew: The King and His Glory Category: Religiosity Scripture: Matthew 6:1–18


In Matthew 6:1, Jesus introduces three illustrative warnings depicting the grave danger of self-aggrandizing righteousness (or religiosity). He warns all His disciples (including us) to beware of:

  • Self-Centered Donations (Matt 6:2-4)
  • In Matt 6:2-4, Jesus warns against self-centered giving. He commands you to give:
    • Straight from your heart (Matt 6:2)
    • Sans the hubbub (Matt 6:2)
    • Squarely under your hat (Matt 6:3-4)



  • Let Your Kingdom Come
  • All Glory Be to Christ
  • Take My Life and Let It Be
  • My Worth Is Not in What I Own
  • I Surrender All
  • Jesus Shall Reign