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Delighting In God's Word - One Verse At A Time

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Sermon Outline Paul wanted the Ephesian church to know that he could be trusted and that all Christians must press forward for the sake of the mystery of Chr... Read More

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Sunday Morning Worship Service... Read More

Articles from Pastor Brandon

The unity of the body of Christ is at the heart of Paul’s exhortation to the church. In doing so, he appealed to non-negotiable truths of the Christian walk. As believers, we should always be encouraged in Christ, finding great comfort in our love for one another, and enjoying relationships which are empowered by the Holy Spirit....Read More

We must realize that our ministry resources are precious; therefore, we need to focus on our Lord’s prerogatives, not ours. Said another way, when we align our priorities with the Lord’s, we can expect the church to accomplish its mission. As such, we assure the church is functioning as God intends. This assurance underscores the impo...Read More