Sundays at Grace | 10:00 AM coffee and fellowship | 10:30 AM worship service

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What To Expect At Our Sunday Morning Services


We love to worship together!

We define worship as how we live our lives in acknowledgement of and response to the supremacy of our Creator.  God has commanded us to gather together as part of His Church to exalt and worship Him.

Our worship service from start to finish revolves around the Word of God:

1) We read the Word of God

Dr. Steven Lawson said, "Do you want to hear the audible voice of God?  Read the Bible out loud."  It can be said that the purest part of our gathering is in the open reading of God's perfect and holy Word.  God's Word when read aloud is powerful, convicting, encouraging, and inspiring.

2) We sing the Word of God

God has blessed us with music as a means to express our praise and worship to Him and to remind ourselves of the truths and promises found in His Word.  During our time of musical worship, we sing songs that are theologically rich and reflective of Scriptural truth.  Our songs are a mix of traditional and contemporary hymns and selective contemporary praise and worship music.  We use the hymnal, Sing The Wonders, and also select hymns and songs from other sources such as Hymns of Grace, Sovereign Grace Music, and Getty Music.

3) We pray according to the Word of God

Our service begins and ends with prayer and each element and transition of our service involves prayer.  We pray with the reading of Scripture to worship and give glory to God, to be reminded of and convicted of sin, to be thankful for Christ's suffering and death on the cross as the propitiation for our sins and the means through which we are saved and reconciled to God, and to be encouraged in the supremacy and sufficiency of God as we present our requests and needs before Him.

4) We preach the Word of God

Dr. Mark Dever said, "If you keep preaching the Bible [ie. expository preaching of the Bible], you will keep preaching the Gospel."  Gospel preaching should be at the center of our corporate worship.  As such, the preaching and teaching of God's Word is the highest priority at our gatherings and the foundation from which all of our ministries extend.  Clear Biblical exposition is required for the correct interpretation, understanding, and application of God's Word in all aspects of our lives as individuals and as the Church.  For these reasons, the pinnacle of our corporate worship is the opening of the Word of God together to discover its treasures through expository preaching.  We understand that our focus on the pulpit is countercultural, yet we are unapologetic, because we believe that this is God’s method.  And it will produce real fruit in the lives of our people.

Our services generally run for approximately one and a half hours, with 30-40 minutes spent in corporate prayer, singing, and the reading of God's Word and the remainder spent in the preaching and teaching of God's Word.  We observe communion on the first Sunday of each month.