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Giving Thanks!


Christians must know that God has given us everything we need, starting with eternal life. This incredible truth ought to be enough to cause us to praise Him and give thanks to Him in all we do! ...

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Part II: Why Do We Have a Biblical Philosophy of Ministry?

Philosophy of Ministry at Grace 2

We all can struggle with knowing what to do in life. Some of our youth here struggle to understand what college to attend, whether to attend college, go into the military, or work in a trade. In life, it's okay to struggle to get on the right path, especially when you're young. Looking back on my life, I struggled to find the right direction. Yet each move was ordained by ...

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Part I: Why Do We Have a Biblical Philosophy of Ministry?

Philosophy of Ministry at Grace 2

As we move forward, there will be continued pressure for Grace Bible Church to change with the times. This pressure originates from our surrounding culture, but there is more than a subtle push to change from within the church. On the one hand, we understand that change in the church is like the seasons. Our ministry is in a constant transition, with people coming and goin...

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The Goal of Expository Preaching


We can define an expository sermon as text driven preaching where the point of the sermon and its outline are derived from the correct interpretation of the text of Scripture. The preacher arrives at the interpretation through careful exegesis using the literal, historical, grammatical method. In the act of preaching, the preacher carefully explains the God-intended meanin...

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Boys will be boys


Wea need to harness the power of masculinity so our families, church, nation, and the world all benefit. Indeed, as we face significant headwinds in our culture, we may find ourselves begging the men to return! If they don't, the blood will continue on our hands. ...

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Why me?


If you are enduring some trial, I encourage you to consider the joy of having the Holy Spirit dwelling in you! I pray that you will not bitterly complain but will be thankful for the growth in your walk with Christ....

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Lord, Lord, Did We Not?


Have you trusted in Jesus's life, death, and resurrection? If so, you will not hear those dreadful words, Depart from Me, on that final day! But the sweet sound of the Savior's voice saying, "Well done, good and faithful servant!"...

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The Certainty of Suffering and Death?


Suffering and death have been part of man's existence from the time of Adam and Eve. They are so ingrained into our lives that many believe they are natural, yet they are our enemies. We have a hard time imagining a life without them as our constant companions. Even with our modern technology, we cannot beat them. ...

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GBC's Second Annual Winter Retreat


As you are probably aware, we have our second annual winter retreat coming up at Lake Swan Camp on January 7-9! That's less than a month away! I pray you will choose to attend and take advantage of the beautiful setting at the lake. Whether you participate in every session and event, or only for one or two, I know you will find the time together edifying! In celebrating G...

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Kingdom of God - Questions & Answers


This summer 2021, Grace Bible Church debuted our Summers at Grace series:The Kingdom of God. You can find all of the sermons for this series here.This four-part series sought to better explain God's Kingdom plan. Following the last sermon on this series, Pastor Brandon Phillips hosted a live questions and answerssession where our congregation was able to clear any doubts....

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