We are gathering for in-person Sunday morning services.  Service livestream will remain available for those continuing to observe stay-at-home practices (livestream link).  Please refer to our COVID-19 updates page for our latest news and updates.

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Below are links to sites and organizations that we endorse and that provide resources and content to help enrich and support your walk with God:

Below are links to the books that we are currently going through or have recently completed in our men's and women's studies:

Men's book study:

  1. Five Things Every Christian Needs to Grow - R.C. Sproul
  2. Love or Die: Christ's Wake-up Call To The Church - Alexander Strauch
  3. How To Study The Bible - John MacArthur

Women's book study:

  1. Scripture Paths Bible Study on the Book of Ruth
  2. True Feelings - Carolyn Mahaney
  3. The Power of Christian Contentment - Andrew M. Davis