October 27, 2019

Trophies of Grace (part 2) - Christ's Astounding Intervention

Speaker: Brandon Phillips Series: Ephesians - The Church - A Mystery Revealed Category: The Church, The Gospel, The Power of God, Salvation Scripture: Ephesians 2:4–7

Sermon Outline

In these verses, Paul gives four explanations why you can be confident that God has changed your earthly path and eternal destiny from His wrath to reign.  You can be confident because of:

  1. His Rich Mercy (2:4a)
  2. His Great Love (2:4b-5)
  3. His Immense Power (2:6)
  4. His Overwhelming Glory (2:7)

"God just doesn't throw a life preserver to a drowning person.  He goes to the bottom of the sea and pulls a corpse from the bottom of the sea, takes him up on the bank, breathes into him the breath of life, and makes him alive." ~ R.C. Sproul

"Our sinnership is that emptiness into which the Lord pours His mercy" ~ Charles Spurgeon

Sunday Service Songs (hymns found in Sing The Wonders hymnal)

  • All Hail The Power Of Jesus' Name (#44)
  • Our Great God (#31)
  • And Can It Be (#170)
  • I Will Glory In My Redeemer (#213)
  • By Faith (#222)