November 24, 2019

Trophies of Grace (part 4)

Speaker: Brandon Phillips Series: Ephesians - The Church - A Mystery Revealed Category: The Grace of God, Salvation, Faith Scripture: Ephesians 2:8–10

Sermon Outline

The apostle Paul explains two reasons to be confident in the Gospel’s effectiveness to transfer us from the realm of darkness. We can be confident because:

  1. Our Faith has a Supernatural Origin!
  2. Our Works are Supernaturally Produced!

"I will not believe that thou hast tasted of the honey of the Gospel if thou can eat it all to thyself." ~ Charles Spurgeon

"Paul's claim [was] that the message he preached was the authentic Gospel of Christ. [There] are two things on which Paul pre-eminently insisted - that salvation was provided by God's grace and that faith was the means by which men appropriated it." ~ F.F. Bruce


Sunday Service Songs (hymns found in Sing The Wonders hymnal)

  • Come Christians Join To Sing (#1)
  • Sing Praise To God Who Reigns Above (#12)
  • Jesus, Thank You (#148)
  • My Faith Has Found A Resting Place (#99)
  • Blessed Assurance, Jesus Is Mine (CCLI #2645094)