August 29, 2021

Marks of Genuine Gospel-Driven Ministry, Part II

Speaker: Philip Chang Series: Marks of Genuine Gospel-Driven Ministry Category: Ministry and Service Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 2:1–12

Sermon Outline

Paul provides 3 marks – the principles (v1-4), the practice (v5-10), and the products (v11-12) – of genuine Gospel-driven ministry:

 The PRINCIPLES of ministry - v1-4

  1. Ministry is not in vain (v1-2)
  2. Ministry is boldly pursued (v2)
  3. Ministry is Gospel-centered (v2)
  4. Ministry extends from purity and correctness (v3)
  5. Ministry is approved by God (v4)

 The PRACTICE of ministry - v5-10

  1. Ministry is conducted with humility (v5-6)
  2. Ministry is conducted with genuine care (v7-8)
  3. Ministry is conducted laboriously (v9)
  4. Ministry is conducted above reproach (v10)

 The PRODUCTS of ministry - v11-12

  1. Ministry will uplift the brethren (v11-12)
  2. Ministry brings glory to God (v12)

 Practical Implications and Conclusions

  • Genuine Gospel-driven ministry flows from an obedient walk with God
  • Genuine Gospel-driven ministry withstands spiritual attack
  • Genuine Gospel-driven ministry embraces the vulnerable and needy
  • Genuine Gospel-driven ministry is worthy to be modeled
  • Genuine Gospel-driven ministry spreads the Gospel


“Ministers giving thanks to God are ministers who have worked.” ~ Charles Spurgeon

"There is nothing that anyone could ever do for anyone else that rises to a higher level of importance than to bring the Gospel to that person." ~ Steve Lawson

Sunday Service Songs 

  • Psalm 150 (Praise The Lord)
  • Crown Him With Many Crowns (22)
  • Only A Holy God
  • All I Have Is Christ (175)
  • May The Mind Of Christ My Savior (227)

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