February 27, 2022

Jonah: A Big Fish Story? Part 1

Speaker: Brandon Phillips Series: Jonah: A Big Fish Story? Category: Disobedience, God's mercy Scripture: Matthew 12:38–45, Joel 2:1– 3:21, Acts 9:32– 10:33, Jonah 1:1–3

Jonah:  A Big Fish Story? Part 1

Prologue – A Great Sign

Matt 12:38-45

Opening Act – A Great City (Great Sin)

Joel 2 & 3; Acts 2; Acts 9:32-10:33; Jonah 1:1-3

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All Hail The King Of Heaven

Crown Him With Many Crowns

The Solid Rock

Come, Behold The Wondrus Mystery

Let The Nations Be Glad

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