May 1, 2022

How to be a Forgiving Church, Part 2

Speaker: Brandon Phillips Series: How to Be A Forgiving Church Category: Forgiveness Scripture: Philemon 1:4–9

Sermon Outline

We Must Be a Church Made up of Authentic Brethren  (Philemon 1:4-9)

Paul gives three ways an authentic Christian should be known. You should be:

  1. Known by Your Faith in Christ (1:4-5)
  2. Known by Your Love for the Saints (1:5)
  3. Known by Your Spiritual Fruit (1:6-9)

Sunday Service Songs

  • How Firm A Foundation
  • His Robes For Mine
  • Come Ye Sinners
  • Come Praise And Glorify
  • Nothing But The Blood
  • Magnificent Marvelous Matchless Love

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