July 31, 2022

Genesis: The Creation of Man in Focus

Speaker: Brandon Phillips Series: Genesis: The Battle from the Beginning Category: The Beginning Scripture: Genesis 2:1–25


In Genesis 2 Moses focuses on the creation of the man and the woman on day six. He gives the account of:
  • Man’s Importance (Gen 2:4-6) 
  • Man’s Creation (Gen 2:7) 
  • Man’s Dwelling Place (Gen 2:8-14) 
  • Man’s Work and Responsibility (Gen 2:15-17) 
  • Man’s Loneliness (Gen 2:18-20) 
  • Man’s Helpmate (Gen 2:21-24) 
  • Man’s Life before the Fall (Gen 2:25)


  • Be Thou My Vision
  • The King In All His Beauty
  • All I Have Is Christ
  • Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me
  • The Lord Is My Salvation

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