October 2, 2022

Matthew: A Unique Kingly Visit! - Part II

Speaker: Brandon Phillips Series: Matthew: The King and His Glory Category: Matthew, Kingdom, King Scripture: Matthew 2:1–12


A Unique Kingly Visit!

In this unique account of Gentile Magi who traveled from the East (Matt 2:1-23), Matthew gives three typical responses to King Jesus. Are you responding like the: 

  • Unworthy and Worthless Pharisees and Scribes (Matt 2:4-6)


  • Angels From The Realm Of Glory (118)
  • Worhty Of Worship
  • O Worship The King (33)
  • Come Behold, The Wondrous Mystery (116)
  • O Come, All You Unfaithful
  • Is He Worthy