November 13, 2022

God’s Abundant Purpose, Part II

Speaker: Brandon Phillips Series: God’s Abundant Harvest Category: The Church Scripture: 2 Timothy 2:15

Sermon Outline

Grace Bible Church exists to: 

  • Exalt God 
  • Exposit the Scriptures 
    • At GBC GNV, we are committed to the exposition of the scripture; therefore, we demand that the preacher of the word of God (never) be: 
    • Attentive to his work (2:15a)
    • Ashamed of his work (2:15b)
    • Accurate in his work (2:15c)
    • Aware of his work (2:15c) 
  • Equip the Saints
  • Evangelize the Lost

Songs for Sunday Service

  • Before The Throne Of God Above (230)
  • He Will Hold Me Fast (133)
  • His Mercy Is More (221)
  • Show Us Christ (330)
  • May The Mind Of Christ (304)