November 26, 2023

You’ve Heard It Said (Understanding the Kingdom Way), Part I

Speaker: Brandon Phillips Series: Matthew: The King and His Glory Category: The Sermon on the Mount Scripture: Matthew 5:21–48


In Matthew 5:21-48, Jesus informs His hearers of six demanding truths that characterize the Kingdom way, which is the heart of OT law.
Jesus teaches:

  • Thou Shalt Not Get Angry! (Matt 5:21-26)‌
  • Thou Shalt Not Lust! (Matt 5:27-30)‌
  • Thou Shalt Not Get a Divorce! (Matt 5:31-32)‌
  • Thou Shalt Let Your Yes be Yes! (Matt 5:33-37)‌
  • Thou Shalt Not Resist an Evil Person (Matt 5:38-42)
  • Thou Shalt Love Your Enemies (Matt 5:43-48)


  • By Faith (222)
  • Your Will Be Done
  • A Christian’s Daily Prayer
  • Speak, O Lord  (243)
  • O Great God (216)