June 21, 2020

Christ’s Gifts to His Church

Speaker: Brandon Phillips Series: Ephesians - The Worthy Walk Category: The Church, The Gospel, Christian Living Scripture: Ephesians 4:7–10

Sermon Outline - June 21st, 2020 @10:30am EST

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Christ’s Gifts to His Church

Ephesians 4:7-10 

Paul teaches the church at Ephesus four glorious realities regarding the source of our spiritual gifts. Your spiritual gifts are (a):


  1. Provision of Grace (4:7a)
  2. Presentation from Christ (4:7b)
  3. Prize of War (4:8-10)
  4. Pivotal for Unity (4:7-10)


"This is the amazing story of God’s grace. God saves us by His grace and transforms us more and more into the likeness of His Son by His grace. In all our trials and afflictions, He sustains and strengthens us by His grace. He calls us by grace to perform our own unique function within the Body of Christ. Then, again by grace, He gives each of us the spiritual gifts necessary to fulfill our calling. As we serve Him, He makes that service acceptable to Himself by grace, and then rewards us a hundredfold by grace." ~ Jerry Bridges


A spiritual gift is a supernaturally designed ability granted to every believer by which the Holy Spirit ministers to the body of Christ. A spiritual gift cannot be earned, pursued or worked up. It is merely "received" through the grace of God – John MacArthur


Sunday Service Songs (song sheet for download):

Your Great Name We Praise (Immortal, Invisible)
O Worship The King (33)
My Worth Is Not In What I Own (226)
Holy Spirit Living Breath Of God (247)
O Church Arise (230)