October 25, 2020

Walking in Love

Speaker: Brandon Phillips Series: Ephesians - The Worthy Walk Category: Humility, Love Scripture: Ephesians 5:1–2

Sermon Outline - October 25th, 2020 @10:30am EST

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Walking in Love 

Considering all that he has taught in this letter, Paul has two principal priorities which sum up the Christian walk of love. You are to:

  1. Mirror God by Walking in Love
  2. Meditate on Christ Who Is Our Example

“The sin underneath all our sins is to trust the lie of the serpent that we cannot trust the love and grace of Christ and must take matters into our own hands” ~ Martin Luther

"In the New Testament, love is more of a verb than a noun. It has more to do with acting than with feeling. The call to love is not so much a call to a certain state of feeling as it is to a quality of action" ~ R. C. Sproul


Sunday Service Songs (songsheet for download):

Jesus Shall Reign (194)
Only A Holy God
The Lord Is My Salvation
O Great God (216)
Let Your Kingdom Come

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