July 11, 2021

The Kingdom of God, Part I

Speaker: Brandon Phillips Series: The Kingdom of God Category: Kingdom

Considerations for the Sermon Audio

The sermon audio for the Kingdom of God, Part I, was edited together at 35 minutes and 15 seconds from two sources after a power loss at our Sunday gathering. 

Sermon Outline

To better understand God's Kingdom plan, we will travel the Kingdom Trail through scripture. Along the way, we will drop off at six whistle stops:

1st Stop: The Creation Mandate Ratified (Gen 1:26-28)
God Created Man To Rule

2nd Stop: The Creation Mandate Ruined (Gen 3)
Man Fails To Rule

3rd Stop: The Creation Mandate Reiterated (Psalm 8)
God Still Expects Man To Rule

4th Stop: The Creation Mandate Realized (Heb 2; Eph 1; 1 Cor 15)
The Second Adam Qualifies As Ruler

5th Stop: The Creation Mandate Refined (Rev 20:4; 2:26-27;3:21; 5:10)
The Second Adam Sets Up His Rule


It is not for men to choose whether or not they will be under the rule of the Universal Kingdom. Whether they like it or not, they already live under it ~ Alva McClain.

The Kingdom of God is the grand central theme that encompasses all other biblical themes ~ Michael Vlach.

Sunday Service Songs 

  • Let Your Kingdom Come
  • Come Praise And Glorify (2)
  • Only A Holy God
  • My Faith Has Found A Resting Place (99)
  • Holy Spirit, Living Breath Of God (247)

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