July 25, 2021

The Kingdom of God, Part III

Speaker: Brandon Phillips Series: The Kingdom of God

Sermon Outline

From the New Testament gospels and epistles, we will see five proofs that the New Testament saints understood God would restore the kingdom to Israel.

I. The Proclamation of the Coming King
II. The Precursor of the Coming King
III. The Presentation of the Christ King
IV. The Proscription of the Christ King
V. The Proclamation of the Christ King


"The best understanding is that John’s and Jesus’s presentation of the kingdom involved the full package of kingdom blessings as foretold in the OT. As the kingdom message played out in real-time, it would become evident there would be two comings of the King." ~ Michael Vlach

"The arrival of Jesus was an invasion of Satan’s evil empire. This carpenter from Nazareth may not have seemed like much, but Satan knew the disastrous implication of his arrival." ~ Michael Vlach

Sunday Service Songs 

  • Psalm 150 (Praise The Lord)
  • Come Praise And Glorify (2)
  • O Great God (216)
  • Speak O Lord (243)
  • Christ, Our Hope In Life And Death

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